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Full Body Lift Surgery in Spain

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Full Body Lift Surgery

Mills & Mills Medical Group continues to bring you the latest, proven cosmetic surgery procedures. The Body Lift is a procedure that will transform your body, restoring your it to a younger, firmer, healthier look.

Before the Procedure

It is essential that you get sound professional advice before you go ahead with a body lift procedure. At Mills & Mills Medical Group we believe that all advice should be free. That’s why we offer a free private consultation with our surgeons without any obligation.

We also offer a meeting with one of our friendly patient co-ordinators who are on hand to give you information on other aspects of your ear surgery procedure, such as for example, the cost of the procedure, availability in our hospital, as well as different ways of paying for your procedure such as through a cosmetic surgery loan. Our co-ordinators are not there to give clinical advice, only our surgeon can do that, but they are there as a continual support throughout your care with Mills & Mills Medical.

Before you attend for your consultation try and write down all the questions that you would like to ask our surgeon. You may forget when you are there. It’s also a good idea to bring someone along with you for support, of course, if you want to keep the procedure totally confidential, that’s fine too.

Consultations are easy to arrange and are held throughout the United Kingdom or across Spain.

The Consultation

Your consultation for a full body lift surgery will last typically between half an hour and one hour. You will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions directly to the surgeon. He will examine you and make his recommendations. He will explain the benefits and the risks too.

Following your consultation with the surgeon, your patient co-ordinator will be able to confirm the cost and make all arrangements for you if you decide to proceed. During the consultation the surgeon will evaluate your lifestyle, medical history and assess the potential results carefully. The results of this procedure can be very subjective and it is vital that both the surgeon and patient are clear about the possible outcomes.

The Procedure

This procedure is ideal for clients that were once very over weight or obese but have since experienced significant weight loss. This leaves large amounts of excess of skin in the abdominal and buttock areas.

The Body Lift procedure removes the excess skin from the body. This procedure is performed general anaesthetic.

Typically it is completed in two stages:

1. With the client facing down on the surgical table, a lift of the buttock is performed
2. With the client then facing up is tummy tuck is completed.

We are also able to tailor the procedure to meet your specific needs, such as also removing excess skin on the arms.

After the procedure

After a general anaesthetic you will remain in our hospital overnight. Following the procedure your body will have been significantly enhanced, with just the thin scar in the waist area, hidden by underwear.

You should expect bruising and swelling after this procedure. You will feel sore in the areas that have been treated. The recovery period is an initial 2 weeks and we suggest you take it easy for a month.

Free Consultation - the next step

The next step is to arrange a free private consultation with a Mills & Mills Surgeon at a centre near you. This is easy to do. Simply call us on the number provided and we will do the rest. We will be happy to chat with you on the phone and answer any questions that you might have. We know how important this procedure is to you. It is our aim to provide you with a service second to none.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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