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Professional and affordable breast uplifts in Spain

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Breast Surgery: Breast Uplifts

Breast uplift surgery is a common procedure and is often performed together with a breast enlargement. A breast uplift may be required if the position of your nipples are below the crease of your breasts before surgery. Remember, that this procedure alone will not increase the size of the breasts.

Before the Procedure

It is essential that you get professional, sound advice before you proceed with breast uplift surgery. This means that you will need a consultation with a Mills & Mills surgeon. At Mills & Mills Medical Group, we believe that all advice should be free, and you will not be charged for seeing our surgeon for this procedure.

Before you attend for your consultation it would be useful to write down any questions you may have about breast uplift surgery. Its easy to forget once you are there. Try and take someone with you for support, although if you want to keep things totally private, that’s fine too.

You will also meet with one of our patient co-ordinators. They are on hand to give you information such as the cost of the procedure, availability at our hospitals and make all the arrangements for you when you have decided to proceed. Remember, they are not there to give clinical advice; only our surgeons can do that.

The Consultation

At your consultation our surgeon will take a detailed medical history to help establish if you are suitable for a breast uplift. At your consultation our surgeon will take a detailed medical history to help establish if you are suitable for the procedure. You will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions directly to the surgeon. He will also examine you and make his recommendations. He will explain the benefits of a breast uplift and the risks too. Following your consultation with the surgeon, your patient co-ordinator will be able to confirm the cost and make all arrangements for you if you decide to proceed.

Pre–operative screening

As part of your breast uplift procedure, you may be required to undergo certain tests beforehand. Your surgeon will tell you if he would like you to have any. These may include blood tests, E.C.G. and mammogram for example. We must ensure that you are fit and well to undergo a breast uplift.

The Procedure

A breast uplift is always performed under a general anaesthetic. This means that you will be asleep throughout the procedure.

The aim of the procedure will be to reposition the nipple to the midline of the upper arm. The breast tissue is pulled up and the excess skin is reduced.

A breast uplift takes about one and a half to two hours for the surgeon to complete. In some cases a mini lift is all that is required. Your surgeon will advise you if this is possible before surgery.

After the procedure

You will need to remain in our hospital for one night. Occasionally it may be necessary to stay for an extra night.

You will have swelling and some discomfort following the procedure. You will be asked to wear a good support bra after the procedure, usually for at least six weeks. It is best to avoid bras with under- wires during this time. When you are discharged from our hospital you will be taken back home if you live locally, or to your hotel to begin your recovery.

You will have sutures which may need to be removed, or may be dissolvable. Your surgeon will advise you of this before you leave. It is important that you rest after the procedure and you need to arrange to be off work for two weeks.
Avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks at least.

Your aftercare with your surgeon will be scheduled for you. If you live in the United Kingdom then your appointments will be made with the surgeon there. It is important that you attend these as we will need to monitor your recovery and progress.

Free Consultation - the next step

The next step is to arrange a free private consultation with a Mills & Mills Surgeon at a centre near you. This is easy to do. Simply call us on the number provided and we will do the rest. We will be happy to chat with you on the phone and answer any questions that you might have. We know how important this procedure is to you. It is our aim to provide you with a service second to none.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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